About the Computer Lab

Computer labs are well equipped and cater to the needs of academic programs. Lab access is available to students daily. Ratio of computer to student is 1:1.

Students can make their practical, presentations, seminar reports and computer projects itself in the lab.

It provides state-of-the-art computing facilities to the students supported by high speed LAN with internet.

System Administrator


Rules & Regulations

1. Unauthorized users are not permitted in the Computer lab.

2. Avoid all horseplay in the laboratory.

3. Do not remove or load any software into the computer. Only lab operators and technical support personnel are authorized to carry out these tasks.

4. Do not reconfigure the cabling or equipments.

5. Games should not be played using Computer.

6. Do not move any equipment from its original position.

7. Be responsible when using equipments, software facilities in the Computer lab.

8. Report all problems related to the system to the concerned Staff member.

9. Do not bring foods, bags, etc., in to the laboratory.

10. Turn off the Computer after use.

11. Internet facilities used only for Educational purpose.

12. Silence is to be maintained in the Computer lab.

13. Keep the Lab Clean.

14. Students should use only the allotted system.